Bus Concession Campaign before 9:30

Great Yarmouth VIP User Group have starting a campaign to get back the Bus Travel Concession for journeys before 9:30am

The County Council has decided to withdraw the benefit for all registered blind travellers, caught up in the budget cuts. This has resulted in the loss of the concession because there was no data to show how many or indeed how few journeys the registered blind users have made, mixed in all the 750,000 bus journeys, in the last year, made before the 9:30am deadline. The vast majority of these numbers were the retired pensioners themselves.

Great Yarmouth VIP User Group need to build up evidence to show to the Council that the number of blind people travelling before the 9:30am and more importantly show how vital this benefit is.

Some of the advantages reported:

For all blind and partially sighted people, there is no other choice to making these journeys, without paying the huge cost of taxi including the slightly less expensive community transport like Door to Door, Dial a ride, and Transport Plus (formerly known as Car Link). We cannot afford a car or drive it anywhere, at any time, we therefore rely on Public Transport completely, to get us to do our daily living, whether it is a chore like shopping or exercise to keep healthy.

It is £4 for a Great Yarmouth to Norwich journey with First Bus (apparently they don’t offer half price) and £3.70 with Anglian Buses but they do offer half price so it is actually £1.90 which is very good of them. Well done Anglian Bus & Coach Limited, see http://www.anglianbus.co.uk/timetables.

Great Yarmouth VIP User Group need to collect all bus tickets from everyone who has to make the early journey and we can then present the tickets as evidence.

Please let them know if you make a journey before 9:30am.

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